Sabtu, Ogos 14, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to be a superwoman. You have to be so strong for others eventhough you know you are not that strong to be there all the time for others.

Sometimes i need to cry but i don't think i have someone to be the shoulder for me. And i kept on saying to myself, yes, you can make till its finish, just be patient and strong, girl!

Sometimes i need help from someone but it's hard to get help when others know that i can do all the things on my own. Dear friends...i'm an ordinary person who also need helps but i don't know why i get ignored by that kind of excuses.

Sometimes i felt like quiting but i know it's not the wise decision for me. Quiting will never be my solution but the feeling keep on coming in when the dissapointment turn to me.

Sometimes i felt like i have no one to turn to. I think all the friends i have is just friend during happy days only but for all my troubles...none...or's just me that don't want others to understand me.

Sometimes the burden, the commitment, the responsibilities makes my life misreable. It messed up my life and i kept on running away from it at least just a few moment so that i can breath.

I know only one solution for all the 'sometimes' thought...


Turn to ALLAH so that i won't fell alone anymore, i won't feel miserable anymore, i won't be dissapointed by anyone anymore, because i have ALLAH to be by myside.

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