Jumaat, Julai 16, 2010


This month was my 5th month at ELS. It's great to be part of them and i don't know until when i'll be here. It was fun and enjoyable but it's tough actually because of my job scope. I'm dealing with international student and of course all the student's affairs are my responsibility.

What i know is i'm weak in public relation things and it's really difficult for me to be somebody that can be there for all of them. Sometimes, the student keep bothering me while i'm doing something important and sometimes they forced me to entertain them, argh, that's really annoying! But in the end i did learnt so many things these 4 and a half month.

Being together with all the staff there, together with teachers, it's worth it! I'm improving myself and i get to experience many new things. The most luckiest thing being in ELS maybe getting to know so many student from different countries, it's great and challenging.

I'll always challenge myself to be better, greater, smarter muslim! Just don't get the workload prevent your commitment with dakwah, always 'Amar Ma'aruf wa Nahi Munkar ^_^