Ahad, September 26, 2010

where are the good guys???

Why on earth its difficult to find good guys nowadays? The question is not because i'm single and trying to find someone but i noticed in my entire life its difficult to find one but its not impossible to find one.

I just wonder why most guys end up doing bad things such as drug addict, rapist, robber, murderer and etc....owh and also smokers!!! i hate it! i met so many nice guys but its end up knowing they are smokers!

Allah has given men 9 logical mind to think rather than women only 1! but still...you're not gratefull and thankfull for that! you just follow what your desire and heart say without thinking either its good or bad.

So sorry guys out there if sometimes i'm bias with all of you because sometimes you're useless and damn stupid for not using your brain given by Allah.

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